On Dating Advice Columns

Walking the dog into work every morning is a wonderful opportunity to process the thoughts and experiences recently accrued into some form of ordered thought. It can also be a source of frustration when the dog wants to stop every 10 seconds, but today was a good day and I’m appreciative for Bernie’s constructive support […]

Why Are Annoying People Annoying And What This Means For Our Screens

This will be a bit of a departure in tone from the previous uploads to this blog, as I feel there’s only so much nitpicking you can do within our current reality without driving yourself to despair. I’m not necessarily in the business of causing despair (unless you have evil intentions), so clearly a stylistic […]

Passivity and Idea Formation Control

I had a break, now I’m back, and I’m even breaking my own rules to try to catch up on the ol mind download for the purposes, I suppose, of keeping a record for some kind of posterity’s sake. Who knows why I keep banging away at my keyboard, thinking I’m doing something important by […]

Daft Methods of Making Things

So this is a bit of a reaction to events currently present in life, filtered through the lens of good sport and general kind understanding that people do things for reasons and I respect the reasons that people do things, until they venture into daft absurdity – then they’re ripe for ridicule. If you’re running […]

Modern Jejune Fictional Codswallop

There was no posts for a few days because there was nothing to write about, and I also don’t write on weekends, as that would be silly. Even the mind needs a couple of days off to figure out what it ought to write about next. So, the unfortunate target for this next piece of […]

Logical Hypocrisy and Closing One’s Eyes

So I was sitting on the ol’ London Underground minding my own business trying to go to the place that I was trying to go to in order to do the task that I needed to complete, when I entered into some form of staring contest. This wasn’t a staring contest with another real, human […]

On Novel Solutions to Similar Scenarios

Editor’s Note: At thought stream, we believe in innovation, so we’re innovating tonight with a special guest author. We’ll be carefully monitoring their performance to see if they get another go, so no pressure. Who knew that there could be such a wonderful opportunity presented to me, this humble author in search of a place […]

The Depressing Architectural Reality of 5G Towers

I’m not going to speculate as to what a 5g tower does or whether its a good thing or a bad thing. There are plenty of other websites for that and you can make up your own mind with the information available to us. It’s also a subjective thing, as no one really knows anything […]

On MPs, Pornography and How to Solve the Issue…

So the latest news going around town is that a Member of Parliament was looking at pornography while at work in the Commons. Obviously looking at porn in your place of work is not the smartest of moves, especially if you’re in public life. I suppose I’m also not surprised by the reaction, telling the […]

The Unexpected Beauty of Objects

I was washing my car today for the first time. That’s not an interesting statement, but it is for me, because when I have cleaned my car in the past, it has either involved paying someone to do it, or using a machine. To the experienced observer my dilemma may sound incredibly funny, because cleaning […]